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8 Things You Need in Your New Multisite Campus Facility

Our church has launched four new campuses in the last four years. In the process we have learned that we should look for eight things when searching for the ideal building for a new campus. danville

  1. Worship Space. Obviously, you need space for worship services when you launch. We have always started every campus with two services. This helps us maximize space and gives people more options for both worship and serving. We are working in rural Illinois and tend to see about 300 at our launch Sunday which quickly levels off to about 200. Then we grow from there. So we look for room for those numbers.
  2. Children’s Ministry Space. Almost as important as worship space is ample room for quality children’s ministry and nursery. This is important at any church or campus but it’s especially important Read the rest of this entry

Four Keys to Using Direct Mail to Help You Publicize Your Campus Launch

In the last four years our church has launched four new campuses in outlying county seats here in east central Illinois. When we launch a new campus, our goal is to launch strong. We want momentum and a large enough core of people to sustain the key ministries of the church with workers and to give the new campus financial strength. To gather an initial crowd we have used direct mail each time to help us get the word out about the new church we are starting. Need Direction

If you are launching a new campus or planting a new church, I recommend that you also use (or at least seriously consider!) direct mail. Here are four key principles that have made it work for us.

  1. Plan far ahead. Doing a direct mail campaign takes work, money, and planning. As soon as you set a launch date you need to put this on your timeline and get the right people involved. We have always used a local direct mail company to help us do our direct mail campaign. This enables us to work face-to-face with experts and has also saved us money over using large, national direct mail companies. Read the rest of this entry

Three Reasons Your Next Church Campus Should Launch with Two Services

In the last four years our church has launched four new campuses in other cities. Each time we have launched with two Sunday morning services, and I foresee us doing two services every time we start a new campus.Launch

There are three reasons why we do this and why your church should consider this, too.

First, it saves money and space. If you launch a campus with two services, you can get by with renting a smaller space. A primary cost to launching a new campus is renting (or buying) a space and getting it renovated and ready for your purposes. This costs you both money and volunteer hours. By doing two services, you can get by with half the space for both adult worship and children’s ministry, significantly reducing your costs. Besides saving on rental and renovation expenses, you also decrease costs because Read the rest of this entry

The Simple Key to Launching a New Multisite Campus Well

keyIn the last four years our church has launched four new campuses. I feel like the fourth time we finally did it right, with our communication, support team, and systems working together well. The key to getting this right was one simple concept—weekly launch team meetings. I’ll explain what I mean by that in a moment. First, I want to tell you how we came upon this simple concept. Read the rest of this entry